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Julie Lwando

"I never realized the importance of coaching until I tried it for the first time in my life here in the US. It added balance to the crazy daily life I have, helped me stay focused on my professional goals and kept me on track by better understanding and analyzing the cultural, social and professional context of incidents and surroundings. I could not and would not ask for a better coach than Rania Soliman, who was knowledgeable, experienced and supportive. She helped me learn a lot about myself and my potential and better interact with and respond to various situations. This is an opportunity that I wish all visiting fellows may get to have the best comprehensive experience."

N. Sabaneh

"Rania has been one of my most important coaches. She has an open and clear approach to recognize and communicate the growing potential and awareness in her student’s life, by helping them introspect and guide them in how to realize their dreams and goals. As her client/student, I have been touched  “head and heart”, especially through the use of illustrative stories and metaphors to drive the points home, and constantly questioning me how I think and feel about a topic in order to find my own solutions. The tasks agreed on at the end of each session, and follow up at the next have been a key drive to action. Thank you Rania for your generosity, and approach to coaching, guiding, and challenging me according to my capacity."

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