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Like so many Trauma-Informed Professionals and Practitioners, my experience in the trauma space began with my own healing journey. As a survivor I know firsthand that healing is not a linear process; it is ongoing and deeply personal. My healing journey has enabled me to share years of knowledge and resources that I wish I had access to years ago. My path to healing was rooted in compassionately understanding the imprints of my trauma and the impact of adverse childhood experiences. Through healing, I regained the parts of me that were lost for decades. 

My passion for facilitating positive change and educating women stems from the significant transformations I have experienced personally. Understanding the power of holistic and somatic practices with a focus on breath work, taught me to be more present with my body, and understand the mind-body connection to gently regulate my nervous system. Outside of the coaching space, I'm still committed to my healing, while also juggling the gift of motherhood and serving women in my community to feel seen, heard, valued and less alone on their healing journey. 

One of the ways I turned my pain into purpose was to embark on a professional coaching journey in 2017. Additionally, I have a background in Early Childhood Development and Human Services. My reputation and success is rooted in my work with trauma survivors, pre and post divorce, single mothers, adolescent girls, and career women addressing day to day challenges in balancing their personal and professional life. 

I am transparent about my healing journey because I believe that it allows for connection in the work I provide. The healing journey is a lifelong journey that requires a lot of patience, self-compassion, and self-love. Sometimes, all we need is a source of deep compassion, guidance, and understanding, and an opportunity to get ourselves back on track, and that is exactly what I aim to bring to into the lives of the women I work with.

I'm here for you, let's talk!

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