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If you are new to coaching or mentoring, I recommend we connect first before you make a decision. The complementary call is a valuable opportunity for both of us to build a rapport and clarify expectations.

To book your complementary (free) 30 minute CONSULTATION or DISCOVERY call, please use the link below. While both calls are generally interchangeable, there are some distinctions, please read more below to choose the best option.

If you are ready for ongoing coaching sessions, we can discuss my rate packages and you can schedule directly with me. It's Important to remember that the benefits of coaching build over time, so it's important to be committed, patient, and willing to trust in the process. 

I'm here for you, let's talk!

What is the difference between a consultation call and a discovery call?

Consultation Call


It typically involves discussing your potential goals, challenges, and what you hope to achieve in your coaching journey. It's an opportunity for the me to assess whether coaching is a good fit for your unique needs. Many clients are specifically seeking mentoring and this call allows space for discussing that option. Additionally, this call is suitable for clients who are new to coaching, or for clients seeking therapy and not sure if they're ready for coaching. Consultation calls are also a great opportunity to enquire about my educational and support group services.


Discovery Call


It involves a deeper exploration of your background, motivations, and underlying concerns. I focus more on understanding your specific circumstances, emotions, and any obstacles you are facing. This call is a great option for clients who are familiar with coaching. This call helps me gain insights into your unique current situation to determine how I can best support you on your coaching and healing journey.  This call is mostly for clients who are familiar with coaching and understand the general logistics and structure of the sessions.

Hope you find this helpful as you make your decision, and if you're not sure, then a consultation call is the best option. 

I'm here for you, let's talk!

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